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06.Januar 2015, im Theater im Palais

Starting: 8pm, 20:00 Uhr  

Marc Aschenbrenner:

2013, 7.14 min

Kamera: Knut Klaßen

Wolfgang Spahn:
Live Performance

Jordan McKenzie:

"Interior DIE"
from the series "minimal interventions"
Recorded Performance
2003, 12 min

"At Arm's Length"
from the series "minimal interventions"
Recorded Performance
2006, 12.17 min


Infinite Livez
Live Performance
+ Illustrations



Bruch | Stücke setzt die gezeigten Medienkunstwerke in einen direkten Bezug zur diskursiven Natur des Theaters, ohne dabei als Ergänzung des Theaterstücks zu dienen.

Bruch | Stücke places media art in direct relation to the discursive nature of the theatre without functioning as a supplement of the theatre production.

*Bruch | Stücke is a new series created by ACI | Art Claims Impulse, that we place outside the usual gallery context. We show Media Art, Performance and Installation.