10 Years Anniversary!

Stadt am Rande


The exhibition 'Stadt am Rande' at Today Art Museum Beijing, was based on a selection of artworks predominantly by Berlin-based artists that explore the various aspects, fabrics, and subtext of an urban topology constantly in flux, harboring indiviuals, networks, and structures struggling for identiy, definition, visualisation and attention.


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Organisation: Goethe-Institut China, Today Art Museum

Cooperation: transmediale, Gallery Art Claims Impulse
Sponsors: Hainan Airlines, SAMSUNG
Curators: Pierre Wolter, Melanie Zagrean
Project Management: Gao Yi (Goethe Institut Beijing)
Special Guest: Stephen Kovats (Artistic Director, transmediale)

Special Thanks to: The artists, Gallery Anita Beckers, Gallery Carlier & Gebaur, Gallery DAM,
Gallery Olaf Stüber.

Links: Goethe-Institut Peking,  Chinese Embassy Berlin

Marc Aschenbrenner, Dave Ball, Julius von Bismarck, Boredomresearch, Tudor Bratu, Miles Chalcraft, Matthias Fitz, Adam Somlai-Fischer & Bengt Sjölen, Andreas Nicolas Fischer & Benjamin Maus, Niklas Goldbach, Martin Howes, Marcellvs L, Mader- Stublic - Wiermann, Julian Oliver, Michelle Teran, Maria Vedder.



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ACI Surfing with Anna Anders

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Fine Art Prints, Multiples

Dave Ball
Mihai Grecu
Petja Ivanova
Wolfgang Spahn

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Surfing with...

Surfing with...

Anna Anders

Wolfgang Spahn

Dani Ploeger

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Analogue Attraction

A to Z by Dave Ball

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