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ACI-Surfing with... Petja Ivanova

Wed 09.12.2020, 7pm CET

Art Claims Impulse invites you to a personal informal evening. Get to know people from art, philosophy, urbanism and other inspiring fields. Spend an evening with the invited people, during which you are taken along on a surfing trip and introduced to aspects of their internet world. Which trends, ideas or projects caught their attention lately? What do they find interesting to share with other people?

Come along on a 2h trip, both inspiring and entertaining.

Petja Rossenova Ivanovas intersectional feminist and trans-disciplinary practice combines biology, spirituality, computation and the poetic in order to promote the ‘poetic method’ as a counterweight to the socially dominant ‘scientific method’ of capitalist, imperialist, white supremacist patriarchy. The Berlin-based Bulgarian artist graduated from the University of Arts Berlin in the class for Computational Art/Generative Art in 2015. She runs “Studio Poetic Futures” and “Speculative Ecologies (SPF)” out of a little caravan and teaches speculative design at HAW-Hamburg, and at times at Linnaeus University in Växjo, Sweden.


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