2009 Loop Barcelona - Mihai Grecu "Coagulate"

2010 Arco Madrid - Julius von Bismarck und Benjamin Maus "Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus"
         Loop Barcelona - Maria Vedder "Schwelle"

2011 Loop Barcelona - Nia Burks - "Angry Gamers"

2013 Preview Berlin Art Fair
Marc Aschenbrenner "Figur im Wald", "Zweite Sonne", "imAbri" -  Mario Asef "Crossfade", "Palindrome" - Dave Ball "A to Z" - Nia Burks "Angry Gamers", "Pretty or Ugly", "White Sock Tracking" -  Sérgio Cruz "A Esposa", "Pastorinhos" - Flatform  "Movements of an impossible time", "Can not be anything agains the wind" - Mattias Härenstam "Inspite of it all" -  Silvia Lorenz - "Kafka II" - Jörg Piringer "Konsonant" -  Anna-Maria Sommer "Pentheselea"

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