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Art Encounters: Y2Ks' experiences and perspectives in the world of art.

Duration approx. 25 min. Conducted by We Explore It.


How frequently do you encounter art in your daily life?

In what way?

How often do you engage with traditional art mediums?


How often do you explore contemporary and digital art forms?

How important is the experience itself compared to the message or concept of the artwork?


How positively do you perceive the role of technology in enhancing art experiences and accessibility?




How advantageous do you find online art stores for art mediation and purchasing, on a scale of 1-10?

1=Not at all advantageous, 10=Very advantageous





Please rate the extent to which you actively seek out virtual galleries, art blogs, or online communities to discover new artists and art forms, on a scale of 1-10.

1= Not at all actively, 10= Very actively





Which do you use the most?





Thank you very much for your participation. We have now reached the end of the survey.

We would like to invite you to a qualitative study (face-to-face, online video chat). Duration of this study is 45 minutes and we will pay you a fee of 45€ after screening.

If you are interested in this qualitative study, please enter your email in the text field below and we will contact you regarding scheduling the interview.
If you are not interested in the qualitative study just write NA in the text field




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