Surfing with... Dani Ploeger

09.12.2019, 7pm.

 #MediaArtist, #MediaPerformanceArtist, #ResearchFellowerLecturerPerformingArts

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ACI invites you to an exciting evening. Artist Dani Ploeger, whose work pushes back the limits of high-tech consumerism and its cultural dynamics will accompany you on a two hour journey through his "Internet world". 




Short Bio,

Dani Ploeger explores situations of conflict and crisis on the fringes of the world of high-tech consumerism. Through a combination of – found and created – technological objects, video, software applications and performance he emphasizes both the fragility and rawness of materiality in digital culture. Thus, his work questions myths of progress and their implications for local and global power dynamics.

In this context, quasi-journalistic journeys often form the starting point for the development of his work. He has made 360 video work while embedded with frontline troops in East-Ukraine, travelled to dump sites in Nigeria to collect electronic waste originating from Europe and send it back, stolen razor wire from the Hungarian anti-immigration fence for an interactive sculpture, and interviewed witnesses of US drone attacks in Pakistan for a project on sound and technologies of violence.

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