"Stab", by Jörg Piringer
Book, Handwritten, Original,
Edition: 10
Publication: 2020
Stab Stab Stab Stab Stab
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Experimental language poetry by Jörg Piringer, Austria. 2020.
Handwritten book in an edition of 10 exemplars. Each one an original.

Piringer studied computer science at the Institute for Design and Effects Research at the Vienna University of Technology until 2001 and wrote his diploma thesis on electronic music and interactivity.Since 2009 he has been teaching acoustic poetry, among other things, at the Vienna School of Poetry. In 1998 he co-founded the Institute for Transacoustic Research, where he works in performances, installations, and workshops.He is an ensemble member of the Gemüseorchester, which plays free jazz, noise, dub, and covers of Kraftwerk tracks, among other things, on instruments made of vegetables. Invited by Nora Gomringer, he read his text kuzushi at the 44th Days of German-Language Literature in 2020. Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize

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