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Wolfgang Spahn

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Since 2007 ACI has curated several art shows.
Bruch|Stücke, Reflective Interventions,
Stadt am Rande etc.



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Fine Art Prints by Dave Ball
Slide Paintings, Media Installations

by Wolfgang Spahn
C-Prints by Nia Burks

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ART CLAIMS IMPULSE is a gallery, a platform, a discussion pool.
We are interested in art pieces that follow an uncommon approach,
that are innovative in terms of content, technique, or aesthetics, and
that stimulate discourses.

ART CLAIMS IMPULSE is our philosophy.

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  • Dave Ball A to Z letter "C" work in progress . Follow Maria Brudasca's personal approach to Dave Ball's complex artwork A to Z, which might take somewhere between 20 and 30 years to finish. ACI "To document such an ambitious long-term project is a real challenge, so I set off to take this interview with a carefully selected set of questions I had prepared before, which turned out to be pretty obsolete when I got to encounter the actual work and the artist himself."