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Terms and Conditions

1. Appliance

Deliveries and services take place only according this terms and conditions. This applies also to following up and resulting orders regardless it was not referred again to this terms and conditions. Any divergence to this terms and conditions are subject a written confirmation.

2. Conclusion of the contract.

All offers, written, verbal are open and nonbinding. Ever purchasing order by the vendee is binding after receiving written acceptance oft he order by ART CLAIMS IMPULSE Wolter & Zagrean GbR.

3. Pricing

All Prices are inclusive Tax. There are no additional hidden costs. Packaging, transport, including insurance are at the expenses of customer. The provided payment options in our shop are binding. Errors (e.g. wrong price, wrong quantities or similar) are excepted.

4. Shipping, Liability

Transport is at the risk of the customer. Liability goes tot he customer the moment when the product leave our storage.

5. Delivery (Except downloadable goods / See terms and conditions for digital goods)

ART CLAIMS IMPULSE Wolter & Zagrean GbR is entitled to split the delivery if needed. ART CLAIMS IMPULSE Wolter & Zagrean GbR is not liable for delays and resulting costs, except we breached the contract. Based on the character of or goods, it can happen that we have to ask for a three weeks delivery time. (This does not apply for downloadable goods and original artworks) In the case of original artwork, we will send the work using a transport company specialised in fine art transport.


6. Denial of acceptance / Grace of redemption

Customer is obliged to accept the delivery. In the case the customer denies the acceptance of the delivery the customer is in default. However, customer can cancel the order within two weeks without any justification in writing (Letter, E-Mail) and through reshipping the goods to:

Wolter & Zagrean GbR
Markgrafenstaße 86

10996 Berlin


7. Title of retention

Title and risk of loss with respect to the Products will pass to Buyer upon their delivery to the common carrier in connection with any Order. Products remain our property until customer fulfilled the complete payment.

8. Warranty, notice of defects.

Customer is obliged to check and control the delivery without delay. Customer is obliged to report the fault without any delay in writing (E-Mail, Letter) to us. Warranty expires when customers forgot to report the fault without delay after receiving the delivery and in the case of improperly and inappropriate usage. Warranty dose not cover damage caused by natural abrasion.

9. Reshipment / Return of Goods.

Vendee is for correct and appropriate packaging responsible. Damages caused by inappropriate packaging, the vendee is liable for any resulting damage compensation..                                                                                                    

10.  Place of jurisdiction is Berlin, Germany.

11. Method of payment: PayPal.


12. Privacy Protection:
We only save data that we need to guarantee a smooth business process. No other data is being stored.

13. Special regulation for digital products.(PDFs, MP3, Flv, Mp4)

We offer in our online shop also digital products. (pdf’s, mp3’s, flv’s, mp4’s)

For these products special terms and conditions takes place.

With the purchase of digital goods ART CLAIMS IMPULSE Wolter & Zagrean GbR grants the customer the non-transferable right to use the digital goods only for private usage. Customer is allowed to copy and save the product only for private purpose. Customer ensures and agrees that he will only use the digital goods for private usage. Any distribution or usage other than for private purpose is prohibited. Customer is obliged while using the digital product not violating the copyright and to observe all applicable laws.

Customer is further obliged not to distribute, transfer, to sell, to rent out, to share, to change, to edit, to use the digital content, except with the allowance given by ART CLAIMS IMPULSE Wolter & Zagrean GbR.

14. Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is not applicable for good that cannot be send back due to their nature. (For example digital goods in the process of being downloaded.)

15. Downloading and Backup copies.

ART CLAIMS IMPULSE Wolter & Zagrean GbR asks the customer during the ordering process to produce a backup copy with out any delay. The download is limited to 20 downloads. We have the right to modify, update, delete and to change the digital content. Due to this customer cannot make a claim against ART CLAIMS IMPULSE Wolter & Zagrean GbR. The risk of loss, the loss of digital content due to a failure of the computer or hard disk lies to the customer after he bought the digital product. ART CLAIMS IMPULSE Wolter & Zagrean GbR is not liable for any damage caused through transmition, usage and saving on the hard disk of the digital content.









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