Dazzling & Haunted

… the tenor and undercurrents in the art works could be described as reflecting a relentless quest, a haunt for perfection, for splendor, for recognition, for a vague promise for redemption… attrition is accepted as it is fuelled by the kind of humor and hope that defeats futility… the genuineness and intrinsic purity of the protagonists and situations cast a dazzling light on them, without moving them too close to pathos or profanity…

… dazzling & haunted expresses a condition, characteristics of human existence… the artists succeed in addressing them in an intriguing manner, providing a platform for the audience to reflect and self-reflect…


Mario Asef, Eberhard Bosslet, Nia Burks, Sérgio Cruz, Flatform, Michelle Handelman, Silvia Lorenz, Jörg Piringer, Tom Schmelzer, Anna-Maria Sommer, Maria Vedder.

Sergio Cruz, H2O, Video, 2012

AS Dazzling&Haunted Basement MV Schwelle

Maria Vedder, Schwelle/Threshold, 2010

AS Dazzling&Haunted MA Golden Nose

Mario Asef, Golden Nose, Mixed Media, 2009

AS Dazzling&Haunted Basement NB Angry Gamers

Nia Burks, Angry Gamers, Video, 2011

AS Dazzling&Haunted FF Movimento

Flatform, Movimenti de un Tempo Imposibile, Video, 2012

AS Dazzling&Haunted Basement TS worm

Tom Schmelzer, but I am a worm, Mixed Media, 2011

AS Dazzling&Haunted Basement NB Pretty ugly

Nia Burks, Pretty or Ugly, Video, 2012

AS Dazzling&Haunted MA Palindrome

Mario Asef, Palindrom, Cheque, Stamp, 2012

AS Dazzling&Haunted SC Hannah

Sergio Cruz, Hannah, 2011

AS Dazzling&Haunted Basement TS worm

Tom Schmelzer, but I am a worm, Mixed Media, 2011

AS Dazzling&Haunted EB Tumult B

Eberhard Bosslet, Tumult B, Painting, 2012

AS Dazzling&Haunted MH Dorian

Michelle Handelman, Dorian - A Cinematic Perfume, Excerpt of the 60min Video, 2009

AS Dazzling&Haunted SL Ikarus

Silvia Lorenz, Ikarus, Sculpture, 2011

AS Dazzling haunted ladanse

Tom Schmelzer, la danse – or Controlled Flight into terrain (CFIT), Installation, 2010



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