METAWORSE, by Grotesk.Group 

Markgrafenstraße 86,10969 Berlin
Exhibition 21.01.- 04.03.2023 



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Part of Vorspiel Berlin 2023
Six Channel Videoart Installation
metaworse' is not only a glimpse into the manifested misstep of a questionable wishful thinking and the urge of a group of narcissists to return to their boundless, beloved reality at any cost, but also a system critique that finds its tradition in an almost activist approach. presents the last minutes of the escape and a glimpse into the mind of a handful of questionable characters that we would prefer not to have in any of our realities.
'metaworse' is a work that presents itself in a dialogue of short film and five generative portraits


Markgrafenstraße 86, 10969 Berlin T+493062853095 Wed-Sat 12:00 -18:00
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