The Age of the Digital Aura?
(Live Talk)

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The online Live-Streaming Event „The Age of the Digital Aura?” explains and discusses the new development in the digital art world/market that is now confronted by NFT’s.

Marie Molins, FR (Media philosophy, aesthetics, digital art and graphic design), will talk about technical and philosophical aspects of NFT’s, opening up an exploration of Walter Benjamin's lost aura through reproducibility that has greatly influenced digital art in its perception and is now challenged through the possibility to merge a non-fungible token with the digital artwork and thus produce a unique, not reproducible piece of digital art. Additionally we will show new NFT-Artworks by Mihai Grecu, Jörg Piringer, *August Parot, and Wolfgang Spahn and open an auction for the artwork “Minneapolis East 38th Street” by August Parot in which August shows his personnel debate about the George Floyd killing. 50% of the achieved results will be donated to an NGO dealing with anti-racism on an international basis.

*Guest-Artists : baron lanteigne, Michaël Borras a.k.a SYSTAIME :





Markgrafenstraße 86, 10969 Berlin T+493062853095 Wed-Sat 12:00 -18:00
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