"The revolution will not be automated"  by Clemens Schöll

Media Art Animated Puppet Theater
Exhibition: 12.07-09.08.2023
Wed-Sat 12.00-18:00

Location: Markgrafenstraße 86, 10969 Berlin

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Courtesy Clemens Schöll. Copyright: Ortrun Bargholz

At the center of the exhibition "The revolution will not be automated" is the 'small automation theater'. The 17-minute fully automated puppet theater installation uses classic hand puppets to tell the story of the Wohnungsbot. The Wohnungsbot is a free, open source software that Clemens Schöll developed and released in 2019. The software acts as an "ibuprofen for apartment hunting" and seemingly frees people from the symptoms of rent madness in Berlin. After an initial euphoria, however, the situation in the play turns against the apartment seekers and the question arises: Can there be technical solutions to social problems?

The puppet theater is the third and last part of the work cycle "Of someone who went forth to find a flat in Berlin" -  An automation-drama in three acts". Based on the search for an apartment in Berlin and the problems associated with it, the works address the current and future social challenges posed by automation. This promises liberation from work, but often works to the disadvantage of already precariously living population groups in ways that are not very visible. The characters and the puppet theater play with the technological contexts and their stereotypical roles in the format and in meta-narratives.

Clemens Schöll's work with automated puppet and object theater seeks narrative forms to make automation, technical systems and their social consequences tangible and visible. The absence of a playing person shifts the focus from the psychological subject to the machinery as a symbol of the acting structures. The familiarity of the characters and their wit invite people to engage with the complex and abstract contexts.

Courtesy Clemens Schöll. Copyright: Ortrun Bargholz

Of someone who went forth to find a flat in Berlin. An automation-drama in three acts — Act 3: In ultimate consequence

17 minutes, no break






spoken by

Monika Freinberger (Kasperle, Prinzessin, Krokodil)

Marlene [AWS Polly] (Wohnungsbot)

Copy editing

Christopher Heyder


Ortrun Bargholz


Markgrafenstraße 86, 10969 Berlin T+493062853095 info@art-claims-impulse.com Wed-Sat 12:00 -18:00
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