Bilder einer Ausstellung - Wolfgang Spahn

"Pictures at an Exhibition"
16:9 52“ HDMI Monitor, 2 active Loudspeacker, Mixer, Devices.
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Bilder einer Ausstellung - Wolfgang Spahn Bilder einer Ausstellung - Wolfgang Spahn
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Almost 100 years after the invention of the Intonarumori by futurist Luigi Russolo and the kinetic sculpture "Light-Space-Modulator" by artist and Bauhaus professor László Moholy-Nagy, the installation "Picture of an Exhibition" combines the functions of these two systems into a single machine.

Abstract generated projections correspond with equally abstract live generated sounds. Permanently moving patterns and artifacts emerge on a projection screen behind a laboratory-like structure. Parallel to this, a recurring auditory experience develops, reminiscent of rolling stones in a riverbed. Inspired by the program music "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Modest Mussorgski, the installation by
Wolfgang Spahn, the sound is generated directly from the image. A laser is used to scan the surface of a picture plate. The resulting light fluctuations are amplified and made audible. By means of an analog synthesizer circuit (bass drum of an 808) volume is added to the sound.
The rotating image disc is a chemical-physical color experiment created in miniature painting mode from finely pigmented substances and nano-liquids. A macro camera now films and enlarges this abstract image and projects it behind the installation. All the techniques used are the artist's own developments and are based on open hardware and software (www.dernulleffekt.de). The camera consists of the small Linux computer
Raspberry Pi. The control of the rotation is generated with a Pure Date patch on this computer.


(16:9 52" HDMI monitor, 2 active speakers, mixer, devices).

HDMI projection is possible in a dark, black room

The work includes 4 Ferro Fluid Disk.

Consisting: Raspberry Pi, Raspicam, motor, speaker, laser, DVD-Picture, monitor, projector, electric circuit, python program


Video of the Artwork


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Media Art


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