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Slide#1-Wolfgang Spahn-Original

"Picture Disc at an Exhibition" shows excerpts of modified storage media such as CDs and DVDs. These were processed with chemicals and Ferror paint and serve, among other things, as an acoustic / optical information carrier of the analogue installation "Pictures of an Exhibition"
Size: 16,40cm X 14,40cm X 3,7cm
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This work was conceived as a gesture of upcycling the moribund optical data storage systems on the one hand, and on the other hand to achieve a sustainable destruction of data remains. DVD media consists of two layers of plastic that enclose the actual film layer on which the data is stored digitally. To modify the DVDs, this layer is dissolved with chemicals and provided with the help of ferror, shellac and paint with an organic-looking patina. As part of the "Pictures at an Exhibition" installation, these discs are acoustically and visually displayed with the aid of a custom-made camera laser player. As a result, the prior storage disks mutate to true analog audio and video storage media.

Size: 16,40cm X 14,40cm X 3,7cm

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