RASENDER STILLSTAND - A nighttime ride through beginnings of the Corona Crisis.

2021, 4K video, 2 channel video installation.
Length: 8:12 min (large flat screen monitor 48" to 55") and 41:51 min (small digital photo frame 9") with news from January (11:53 min) and February (29:58 min), 2020.

A wall-mounted flat screen, i.e. the "frosted screen", becomes the windshield of a car that seems to be driving through heavy rainy weather (=tears) in the dark of the night. At regular intervals, the windshield wipers clean the (monitor) window like the blink of an eye. From the car radio one hears reports about the first two months of the Corona Pandemic, i.e. January and February 2020.

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With the central-perspective view of a first-person shooter, the viewer seems to drive through an uncomfortable and obscure world, with a fixed gaze directed into the distance, but never arriving anywhere (loop). One literally drives against the wall.

On a mini-monitor (the speedometer) not the speed is measured, but the days we are racing past. On the "car radio" appears the date of the message to be heard. We "learn" about the spread of an unknown virus and what protective measures are recommended and taken.

Background info:
The title "Rasender Stillstand" refers to Paul Virillo's 1987 essay of the same name, published in the book of the same title that appeared in French in 1990 and in German in 1992.

I think the title describes today's times very well and it can also be understood as furious standstill, as in "furious with rage."

In my research, I first realized that Virillo's text is understood, not only by me, as an apt description of the current "Corona crisis." Mostly, however, it is interpreted in a very one-dimensional way, namely as if the pandemic had (finally) put an abrupt end to our restless and wasteful life before and we are now slowed down and forced to think and turn around.

But actually this is not about a succession (first the unbridled life and then the prison sentence), but rather about the schizophrenic state of a simultaneity of enormous acceleration of digital communication with total paralysis of the body. "Swept along by the tremendous violence of speed, we move nowhere." (Virillo) and "The greater mobility becomes, the greater control becomes." (Virillo).

Young people race through virtual landscapes and war zones as first-person shooters in their computer games, work their controllers with their nimble fingers, and become fat and clumsy themselves because they no longer move from the couch.

According to Virillo, the new techniques of instant interactivity have made us "much closer to what is far away than to our immediate neighbor, increasingly detached from ourselves." This loss of one's own body leads, according to Virillo, to the "void" of a virtual environment, a space-time whose telecommunication technologies are both the origin and the end." First people were fixed in houses, then in "automotive furniture" and means of transportation, then by telepresence (Virillo) - a journey without a journey and a locomotion without locomotion (Virillo)



2018/19. photo series

55,0 x 32,2 cm, fine art print on Hahnemühle paper

This portrait series shows construction workers and street vendors in Bangkok. By wearing protective clothing and masking their faces, these people working under harsh conditions protect themselves from injury, strong sun, dust and air pollution. In doing so, they often create fascinating combinations of colors and patterns.

Production Assistant: Varinth Sukpong





Exhibition Goethe Institut Brasil - 2018



Protection II


2020, Photo series
55,0 x 32,2 cm, fine art print on Hahnemühle paper

The portrait series was taken from 04 to 08 March 2020 on the Pitztal Glacier in the Austrian Tyrol. The skiers and snowboarders in their mostly brightly colored clothing protect themselves with helmets, goggles, scarves and masks from injuries and sun, from cold, wind and snow. Their fashionable-futuristic look moves between individual design and conformity and features interesting variations.

The Covid 19 pandemic seemed far at the beginning of March 2020, although it was already raging very close in Italy. A few days later, the lockdown also took place in Austria and Germany. Now we wear masks to protect ourselves from viral infection.








2018, 11:02 min, 360° video (work in progress).

Prostitutes flirt with you, the potential client. They gather around the 360° camera (or you) and offer their services and try to seduce you. They amuse themselves with you and their laughter becomes shriller and shriller.

360-degree videos make the viewer* physically immerse in another world. Normally the panorama promises a wide and free view, but in my work "The Client" (2018) I want to put the viewer in a claustrophobic situation. Observed and approached by intrusive women, we seem to be trapped in the center and at their mercy. We can only turn around our own axis.

The video was shot in Bangkok with prostitutes and their pimps.







2012, 13:28 min, Full HD video for a flat screen monitor or projection.

The white bedspread becomes a restlessly moving creature. The artist is hidden and trapped inside it.










2012, 12:15 min, HD Video

Like actors on a stage, people in their (bathing) costumes act here on the Baltic Sea beach accompanied by heavy thunder and a dramatic change of light. This scenery appears almost artificial, as if it were a studio backdrop, illuminated by large spotlights. A squawking radio barely audibly plays a live report on the racist attacks on the Central Reception Center for Asylum Seekers and a hostel for Vietnamese contract workers in Rostock-Lichtenhagen. At the end, Richard Wagner's "Tannhäuser" is heard. A happy ending?

Sound mixing: Christian Obermaier

Postproduction: Franziska Röhlig







2016, 12:01 min, Full HD video for a flatscreen monitor or a room-based projection.

A group of young people tirelessly tries to get into the (video) frame from all sides. The "intruders" look expectantly towards us, but have to take cover again and again and are driven away. They don't manage to cross the borders....

Actors: Ana Jelusic, Anna Maysuk, Annika Haas, André Hörmeyer, Büke Schwarz, Catalina Gómez Alvarez, Claudia Damm, David Pollmann, Elena Gómez Alvarez, Elisa Gómez Alvarez, Enrico Ticconi, Fatemeh Irandoost, Fergus Johnson, Franziska Seehausen, Hans Kannewitz, Jonas Alsleben, Jonas Reigardt, Juan Harcha, Justus Heitzelmann, Liang Zhipeng, Malte Weber, Michael Bertuleit, Nico Henke, Paul Riemann, Silke Schwarz, Theresia Kimmel, Timo Kreitz.

Camera: Thomas Kutschker, assistance: Elisa Gómez Alvarez / Büke Schwarz,

Postproduction: Franziska Röhlig, Sound Design: Christian Obermaier







2015, 10:27 min, Full HD video for a large video projection or a flat screen monitor.

Out of the black of the video image appear the heads of divers, equipped with different snorkels, goggles and caps. They observe us and disappear again underground.

The behavior described in the off-camera commentary makes the divers seem like strange creatures, aggressive and voracious, camouflaging and defending themselves, mating and dying. The French term "sous-marin" means not only "underwater," but also submarine, mole, and colloquially agent and spy....

The off-text was inspired by underwater films, such as "Les amours de la pieuvre" , 1965 and "Histoires de crevettes", 1964 by Jean Painlevé (1902-1989). The behavior of octopuses, giant squids, jellyfish, seahorses, dolphins, manatees and other sea creatures is described. The soundtrack by Tobias Purfürst is based on electronic music of the 60s.

The video work can be shown on a flatscreen monitor or in a cinema-like context, or as a site-specific projection in which the oversized heads emerge not from the center of the image but from the bottom edge of a wall or window, giving the impression that the heads are emerging directly from a pool of water.

Performers: Sabine Dohnke, Antje Göthling, Justus Göthling, Frauke Hönsch-Kaczmarek, Ingo Kaczmarek, Thorsten Klettke, Angela Nenov, Louisa Rusch, Thomas Schaal, Günter Schlabitz

Location: Tauchzentrale Berlin-Kreuzberg

Director: Anna Anders

Camera: Thomas Kutschker

Assistance: Franziska Röhlig

Sound recording: Christoph Baumgarten

Editing: Anna Anders

Color correction: Till Beckmann

Narrator: Francois Rossier, Ben Posener






2011, 17:32 min, Full HD video for a flat screen.

The video can be viewed like a painting on the wall or a view out of the window. First you see only a gray wall of fog until gradually the first boats appear. The fog slowly lifts and lets us guess where we are. The sounds condense into a sound composition. More and more ships cross the canal like a busy highway until a large steamer takes away our view again and makes Venice disappear.

Sound Design: Christian Obermaier












born in Munich, Germany

since 1986 artistic work with video (single-channel tapes and installations)

lives in Berlin, Germany

since 2005 professor for moving images at the Universität der Künste Berlin (The Berlin University of the Arts), faculty of design

1997 – 2001

artistic assistant at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Department of Media Art

1995 – 1997

independent video productions for various cultural institutions

1992 – 1995

postgraduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Department of Media Art

1989 – 1992

production assistant at Bayerischer Rundfunk-Fernsehen (Bavarian Television) in Munich for cultural programs as "Kulturreport", "KulturPlus" and "Capriccio"

1980 – 1986

studies at Akademie der Bildenden Künste München (Academy of Fine Arts Munich)



Goethe Institut Porto Alegre, Brasilien


"Trugbilder (Mirages)", solo show a spart of the festival "Filmwinter Stuttgart" (catalog)


"Lichte Momente“ (Light Moments), Osnabrück, Germany (together with Niklas Goldbach)


"Entrance“, Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

"On-Off", Galerie Dagmar Schmidla, Cologne


"Covered", Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

"Changing Room", Galerie Petra Stilper, Frankfurt/Main, Germany


"Time Shift", Galerie Projektraum Interaction, Berlin (together with Mercedes Barros)


"Beauty", KIBLA - Multimedia Center, Maribor, Slovenia


"Windows", Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin (together with Maria Vedder)

"Vamos a la Playa“, Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie, Bielefeld (together with Fran Dropkin)


"Body-Bilder" (Body Images), Galerie Gabriele Rivet, Cologne, Germany

2004 /05

"Gastspiel" (Guest Performance), Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn, Germany (catalog)

"Art Cologne 04", video space, Galerie Gabriele Rivet, Cologne, Germany


"Face to Face", Galerie Gabriele Rivet, Cologne, Germany


"Shower", 4 video projections, Galleri K1, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden


"Life Size", Galerie Gabriele Rivet, Cologne, Germany


"Schaulust" (Curiosity), Galerie Brigitte Schenk, Cologne, Germany



 “Now to Then”, ArtPort Kingston, New York, 7.-28.02.2021


"Play“, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart (start due to Corona pandemic uncertain)


"Reset“, Kunstmuseum Ahlen, from 02.10.2021


"The Mediterranean Biennale“, curators Belu-Simion Fainaru, Avital Bar-Shay, Haifa, Israel, (start due to Corona pandemic uncertain)


"Fata Morgana - in Between“, video screening, Galerie Nord / Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin

"Facing Realities“, organised by The Art Union in a garden colony in Berlin


"Dokuments and Videos from the Wulf Herzogenrath-Archive“, Akademie der Künste Berlin

"Haushalt. Die Dinge und ich." (Household. The Things and Me), Städtische Galerie Sohle 1, Berkamen


"Heimat?"(Homeland?), QR code exhibition at project space Deutscher Künstlerbund in Berlin, Germany

"in_visible limits", Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil, Switzerland (catalog)

"Desperate Housewives? Female Artists Clean Up", Staatliches Textil- and Industriemuseum, Augsburg, Germany (catalog)

"Capture the Future: Elusive Identity", German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) Berlin, Germany

"Fund Art“,  charity auction in cooperation with Sotheby's, Austria (catalog)


"in_visible limits", Kunsthaus Interlaken, Switzerland

"in_visible limits", Kunstverein Konstanz, Germany

"in_visible limits", Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg, Germany

"Desperate Housewives? Female Artists Clean Up", Städtische Galerie, Villingen-Schwenningen

"Desperate Housewives? Female Artists Clean Up", Kunstmuseum Mühlheim an der Ruhr

"Desperate Housewives? Female Artists Clean Up", Kunstsammlungen Zwickau, Max-Pechstein-Museum, Germany


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"AMOCA", Arab Museum of Contemporary Art, Sakhnin, Israel

"Avesta Art“, Avesta, Sweden

"Avesta Winter Art“, Avesta, Sweden


"Underground“, Fort de Schoenenbourg, Alsace/France (catalog)


"Aus Ernst wird Spaß … das Ironische in der Kunst", Projektraum Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin

"Second Mediterranean Biennale“ Sakhnin, Israel


"Schauplatz“, Galerie Stilper, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

"VK-Kunst“, Galerie Greulich, Frankfurt/Main, Germany


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"Aufstand der Dinge", MIM & MORE Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

"Wechselausstellung I“, Galerie Stilper, Frankfurt/Main, Germany


"Intimacy. Das Bad in der Kunst" (The Bath in Art), Kunstmuseum Ahlen, Germany (catalog)

"The First Mediterranean Bienniale of Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel


"Stars & Sternchen“, FEX. Plattform für Medienkunst, lange Nacht der Museen, Stuttgart, Germany

"CASZ-Moving Images in Public Space", Contemporary Art Screen Zuidas, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Ars Electronica, Science Centre, Singapore

"CASZ-Moving Images in Public Space", Contemporary Art Screen Zuidas, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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"Der Spiegel", Künstlerarchiv Lothringerstraße, Munich, Germany

"Arena - Kunst & Sport" (Arena – Art & Sport), city hall, Munich, Germany


"Folie", Deutzer Brücke, Cologne (in the hollow inner space of the Deutz Bridge), organized by the Wandelhalle e.V., Germany

"top ’97", a women’s media art exhibition at Messe (fair grounds), Düsseldorf, Germany

"Video-Skulpturen in Deutschland seit 1963", touring exhibition since 1994 (Rostock, Hongkong, Tokyo, Singapor, Groningen, Den Haag u.a.), organized by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa, Institute for Foreign Cultural Affairs), curator: Prof. Dr. Wulf Herzogenrath, "Videowächter"


"Auktion", Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Aachen, Germany

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"Video-Arbeiten von Barbara Hammann und Anna Anders", KunstBetrieb Dachau near Munich, Germany



Galerie Art Claims Impuls Berlin

Short is Beautiful!, Peninsula, Berlin, Germany

Projektraum FAQ, Bremen, Germany

Videobox, Galerie der Künstler, Munich, Germany
Video Screening at Veronika Veit's show "The Very Moment", MaximiliansForum, Munich, Germany


Videoformes, Clerrmont Ferrand, France


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Rheinisches LandesMuseum Bonn, Germany

Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, China


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Kunstmuseum Ahlen, Westfalen, Germany

LineaRes – Von Punkt zu Punkt, Steinhöfel, Brandenburg, Germany

Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany

APEX, Göttingen, Germany


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"European Media Art Festival", Osnabrück, Germany


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"not enough TV", moving art studio, Brüssel/Brussels, Belgium

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"Video Vision", city hall, Munich, Germany

"VideoArt Festival", Locarno, Switzerland

"VideoFest Berlin", video program by the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany


"Dokumentarfilm & Videofest", Dock 4, Kassel, Germany

"European Media Art Festival", Osnabrück, Germany

"Europa 94 – video program", city hall, Munich, Germany

"6. Marler Video-Kunst-Preis", video program on tour through Germany and abroad, organized by the Goethe-Institut


"Kunstfilm 1 - Köln, München, Frankfurt", Berufsverband Bildender Künstler (BBK), Munich, Germany


"Video Art 90", Cork, Ireland

"Videotage Salzgitter 90", Salzgitter, Germany

"Videofilme aus München", Städtische Galerie in Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany


"12", city hall, Munich, Germany


Foundation IMAI Düsseldorf, several video works

Rheinisches LandesMuseum Bonn, „Glasreiniger“, photography

Kunsthalle Bremen, "Videoaufsichten für Bremen", video installation

Museé d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, "Badewonne", video installation

Ars Electronica Center Linz/Österreich, "Touchscreen", interactive video installation

Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl, "Touchscreen", interactive video installation



honorable mention by the Verband der deutschen Filmkritik (Association of The German Film Critics), awarded for the video "Schlag auf Schlag" on the European Media Art Festival Osnabrück, April 2002


special recognition by the COMTECart Dresden, Germany for the installation "Touchscreen"

1st Marl Video Art Prize for the installation "Touchscreen"


honorable mention of the 7th Marl Video Art Prize for "Shower", awarded a four week scholarship for the Academy of Media Arts Cologne


project scholarship by the State Capitol of Munich for "Schützen schiessen"


scholarship award for video art by the Bavarian Government

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