Souvenir - Dani Ploeger

Hardened steel razor wire, polyethylene bag,
digital print on paper
Limited Edition: 200, signed.
Size= H: 22cm x W: 15cm
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Souvenir - Dani Ploeger Souvenir - Dani Ploeger Courtesy Dr. Beatriz Bañuelos Marco. Thank you for sending this nice image.
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Souvenir, 2020

Razor wire, plastic bag, cardboard. Edition of 200.

Razor wire produced by the company European Security Fencing (ESF), based in Malaga in Spain, is used in many of the newly reinforced outer borders of the European Union.

The euphemistic and positive-sounding corporate language used on the ESF website – which seems to have been translated with Google Translate – stands in strong contrast

with the archaic, violent nature of the product on offer.

-We act with professionalism, loyalty and respect for the people.

-We are committed to the job security, trying to inculcate a culture of prevention.

-Pursuing a common goal, we encourage the participation of all information sharing.

-Focusing our efforts in clients satisfaction.

-We conduct studies and promote continuous improvement to achieve the highest quality.

-We work to achieve the aims of the business project.

The edition consists of a piece of original ESF razor wire in a retail packaging bag that lists the company’s corporate values.

Units in box: 1


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