Trojan Horse - Dani Ploeger & Liv Lennert

USB-Stick with Horse

Trojan Horse - Dani Ploeger & Liv Lennert Trojan Horse - Dani Ploeger & Liv Lennert
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Trojan Horse

Contains all 7 Videos
of the installation

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"SevenThings About Late Technoculture"

Dani Ploeger & Viv Lennert

In short, social media-optimised clips in the tradition of layered www-aesthetics, Viv Lennert and Dani Ploeger approach the gap between media studies and digital media content: Research as a controversial spectacle between real time and end time.

The end time of technoculture has arrived. Under ever-increasing pressure from states and market forces, cultural and academic institutions are obsessed with the digital dissemination of everything and anything, trying to reach as many people as possible with everything. Written academic publications are no longer of interest and all exhibitions must include multimedia gimmicks. Thorough research processes and lengthy intellectual arguments are avoided, and all content must be interdisciplinary, short and accessible to everyone.
In response, Dani Ploeger & Viv Lennert's ‘Seven Things About Late Technoculture’ consists of seven academic essays in the form of 15-25 second social media reels that integrate written works and performances by Dani Ploeger, video art by Viv Lennert and a copyright-free happy hardcore track. The video material was shot while the two artists spent a day in an electronics store in the centre of Munich.

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