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Marlot Meyer is an interactive media artist, who’s inspiration and energy stems from her embodied experiences of life growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, and the curious contrast between this and the mediated world we live and communicate in and through today. Recently graduated from the Interactive Media Design Bachelor in the Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, she uses her playful attitude towards technology as the driving force to understand and work with digital media, seeing it not through the eyes of a coder, but as a tool maker and communicator, and technology the means to do so. Her creative process is intuitive, with the goal to create an experience where questions do not have to be answered, but rather explored, expanded, and connected. Working closely with both physical and digital media, the body, and the environment, she is able to explore the boundaries and liminal space between the two,  and to invite others to explore their own bodies through experiencing her work. 


Using her desire to understand how systems work, Marlot’s research often begins at a point very far away from ‘art’. Natural elements: air, earth, water, and fire and their relation to each other are a continuous inspiration. Chemical reactions and pure elements, their properties, and the transformation of one energy into another, is a continuous form of creation and exploration for Marlot. To understand the fact that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed or transferred, inspires Marlot to apply this physics law to her practice, in order to make this visible to all those who become part of her works.


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