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Surfing with... Wolfgang Spahn, Video + Links

February, 2020


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Artist (Installation and Performances)
Art Video Streaming

Developer (electronic circuits, synthesizer, projectors, …)

Open Hard- and Software
Embedded Artist
der Nulleffekt


From Cracker Camera to Crackl Box - An Artistic Approach

Miller Puckette - Design choices for computer instruments and computer compositional tools 18:00

Vilém Flusser - Playing Against the Apparatus

Paolo Gioli - Cracker Camera Stenopeica

Michel Waisvisz – Kraakdoos (Cracklbox), 1975

Analog Audio Synthesizer

Daphne Oram

Peter Vogel



Paper Synthesizer


Paper Bits

Analog Video Synthesizer

The Sandin Analog Image Processor

Experimental TV Center

Paik-Abe Video Synthesizer


Gijs Gieskes


VGA Synthesizer


Discoveries in the Theory of Sound - Ernst Chladni (1756–1827)

Cymatic - Hans Jenny (1904-72)

Maailmankaikkeus - with Dominik Eggermann, Antti Pussinen

Chaos Theory

Self-Similarity, Fractals and Strange Attractors

How Long Is the Coast of Britain? - Benoit Mandelbrot]]

Double Compound Pendulum

Edward Lorenz

Strange Attractors - Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore


Mandelbrot Set - Zoom

Koch Snowflake - Wolfram

Self-Similarity in the Nature - Victor Berdonosov


Analog Computer

8Bit Computer


Vannevar Bush's Differential Analyzer

Why Algorithms Suck and Analog Computers are the Future - Bernd Ulmann

The Analog Computer Museum

Confetti - An Analog Computer

Solving the Math

Computing the Lorenz Attractor

Analog computing returns - MIT News

AI and Neural Networks

Geschichte der Computerkunst - Kybernetik

Norbert Wiener - Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine, 1961

Rube Goldberg Machine

The Way Things Go - Fischli and Weiss

Vehicles, Experiments in Synthetic Psychology - Valentino Braitenberg

Biolocical & Artificial Neural Network

Machine Learning - Google (tensorflow),2&seed=0.22942&showTestData=false&discretize=false&percTrainData=50&x=true&y=true&xTimesY=false&xSquared=false&ySquared=false&cosX=false&sinX=false&cosY=false&sinY=false&collectStats=false&problem=classification&initZero=false&hideText=false

The best material model of a cat is another, or preferably the same, cat. Norbert Wiener

Dynamics of pattern formation in lateral-inhibition type neural fields- Shun-ichi Amari

LAB III - netze/networks neural oscillators

Bicore Oscillator

Neurorobotics Research Laboratory (NRL) - Prof. Dr. Manfred Hild

Pop Neuron

Symbolic Grounding by Christian Faubel und Wolfgang Spahn

David Tudor

Confetti Neuron - a neural synthesizer

Handmade Electronic Music, Third Edition - Nicolas Collins

Echo State Network

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