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abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is an audiovisual voice performance. image and sound are created in real-time through custom written software that analyzes and captures the sound of my voice to create animated abstract visual text/sound-compositions. the autonomous movement and behaviour of visual element on the screen again influence the sound which creates an audiovisual feedback loop or an autopoetic live performance system.


using my voice as the interface and medium in a dynamic electronic environment takes the ideas of the early avantgarde sound and visual poets a step further: my custom written software makes it possible to generate unforeseen and vanishing abstract text/sound-compositions that are created on the spot while performing and are not meant to last.

as a dynamic and reactive system abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz interacts with the performer by taking the voice as an input to various flexible modules that produce output. the mapping of the input signal to the actual output that can be seen and heard by the performer and the audience is determined by algorithms taken from non-literary fields like physics, biology and mathematics.


textual and sound particles for example interact with each other controlled by the law of simulated newtonian physics, so when they collide they sound, get destroyed or reflected.

therefore abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz could not only been seen as an abstract work of dynamic sound and visual poetry but also as the implementation of an updated poetic concept of describing the world or "everything, that is the case".

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is a work in progress because of the vast complexity of intented functionality of the software as well as the multiplicity of possible artistic ideas.




1 unicode infinite




unicode infinite is a generative infinite text video installation. It animates the glyphs of the basic multilingual plane of the unicode standard and presents this range
of the human culture of writing as a polyphonic text video installation. Characters are appearing in a very fast sequence sorted by optical similarity that was
calculated by an automatic recognition process.

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unicode infinite was shown on 16 plasma screens from july 12 to september 21, 2013 at Galerie b (curated by Johannes Auer) at Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart (Germany) and at the exhibition „signs of life“ (curated by Lukas Löcker) at Raumschiff in Linz (Austria).


2 untitled




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an interactive sound poetry installation

the visitors speak, shout and cry into a microphone to evoke a dynamic world of letters and vocal sounds.

image and sound are created immediately by speaking and vocalizing into a microphone and modifying the voice through signal processing while the software is analyzing the sound to create animated abstract visual text-compositions.

untitled was shown in berlin (germany), kassel (germany), buffalo (usa) and rio de janeiro (brazil).


3 nam shub web installation


nam shub web (installation)is the gallery version of the net-installation nam shub web. the user created visual arrangements of external webpages are reinterpreted by a computer program that controls a laser printer. every 4 minutes a new interpretation of the textual and typographic content is be printed and falls to the floor of the gallery. over the course of the exhibition the space in front of the printer is filled with printouts.

nam shub web is a website processor. it takes the textual content of external websites and applies user defined rules to generate visual poetry out of it. these rules consist of operations that change the text or modify the visual appearance.


each set of rules can be stored and published for others to view and alter. however nam shub web does not store any actual content. it only records commands of how to alter the external website content. in case of a dynamic website as the source the visual and textual results change with the dynamic content.


according to Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash, the ancient sumerian nam shub of Enki was a neurolinguistic hack aimed against the standardarization and unification of society and human life through verbal rules and laws. therefore nam shub web can be seen as a computerlinguistic hack targeted against a global unified culture and empire.


nam shub web (installation)was shown at Moderna galerija Ljubljana (Slowenia) and Kunstraum Niederösterreich (Austria).


4 rumor has it

rumors are short stories with uncertain facts. because of real time distribution and volatility the twitter-platform is perfectly suited for the dissemination of short and instant messages.


in the installation rumor has it a machine collects streams of twitter-feeds that contain the phrase „rumor has it“ in real time and prints it out on adhesive labels of variable length. the visitors of the installation can either cut up and attach these rumor strips to a board in the exhibition or take them to the streets and stick them to whatever they want.

rumor has itwas shown in Vienna (Austria)

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