Summer Break

Art Claims Impulse wishes everyone joyful and peaceful Summer Holidays

Why not enjoying our selection of art. 

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This is an Open Call.

If you have ideas, comments about us, or you would like to cooperate, get in touch or even rent or buy art.
Don't hesitate to contact us here






  • ACI-Shop


    Explore Media Art by artists like Wolfgang Spahn, Dani Ploeger, Marlot Meyer, Jörg Piringer, and Petja Ivanova at ACI-Shop.
  • ACI-Rental


    "Experience the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in our artwork collection, as almost every piece can be rented. Get to know and feel the art in your own space."
  • ACI-Shop


    Dive into a captivating collection of fine art prints, available in various formats, and explore the beauty of each unique piece.
    Markgrafenstraße 86, 10969 Berlin T+493062853095 Wed-Sat 12:00 -18:00
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