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fünf minuten in die zukunft. Jörg Piringer.

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textbilder, textvideos, sprachperformance

fünf minuten in die zukunft ist das neueste buch von jörg piringer. es enthält gedichte und textbilder die das leben in der hybriden digitalanalogen welt reflektieren. in ihnen fusionieren maschinenkunst mit einer humanistischen weltsicht, kritik der sozialen netzwerke mit affirmation einer technischen romantik, künstliche unintellgenz mit menschlicher banalität.

in der ausstellung werden die textbilder sowie textvideos gezeigt, die bezug auf den inhalt des buches nehmen. die performance bringt die texte zum klingen und fügt ihnen eine weitere dimension hinzu.

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5 min in die zukunt  - B, 6'05'' Full HD. Edition: 1/3


text images, text videos, voice performance

"five minutes into the future" is the latest book by jörg piringer. it contains poems and text images that reflect life in the hybrid digital-analogue world. in it, machine art merges with a humanistic view of the world, criticism of social networks with affirmation of a technical romanticism, artificial unintelligence with human banality.

joerg piringer aci 4       

joerg piringer aci 2

in the exhibition, the text images and text videos are shown, which refer to the content of the book. the performance makes the texts resonate and adds another dimension to them.
*Note. The texts and artworks are in German. You are welcome to ask our staff and visitors to translate or get an explanation if you do not understand something.

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5 min in die zukunt  - A, 6'25'' Full HD. Edition: 1/3
Jörg Piringer, is an Austrian artist and author, participant of the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize 2020. His works are a unique fusion of poetry and technology. Piringer is a boundary explorer, a digital poet who uses the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to create new forms of art and poetry.
Piringer is known for his experimental approach to art and literature. His work demonstrates an experimental understanding of language and technology, which he weaves together in innovative ways. His participation in the Ingeborg Bahmann Prize emphasises his influence and importance in the contemporary art scene.




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