Ch!ps (Artist Book)

Ch!ps (Artist Book)
from Infinite Livez
22 pages, 44 pictures
Edition: 147
Ch!ps (Artist Book) Ch!ps (Artist Book) Ch!ps (Artist Book) Ch!ps (Artist Book) Ch!ps (Artist Book)
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Ch!ps (Artist Book)

Ch!ps is an artist book created by Infinite Livez using the riso printing process. Made in conjunction with department of volxvergnuegen (Munich) it continues to chronicle his investigation into automatic and digital art. This investigation is in every way the perfect compliment to his music but rather than a blend of sonic free association we see depictions of other worldly chimeras and mutations staged in landscapes of ambiguity and layered distortion. The book is a 22 pages with 44 images. The size is 125 mm x 175 mm.

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Fine Art Book
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