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    Strange Attractors - Wolfgang Spahn

    "Strange Attractors"
    Media Installation
    Edition: 5+2AP
    Strange Attractors - Wolfgang Spahn Strange Attractors - Wolfgang Spahn Strange Attractors - Wolfgang Spahn Strange Attractors - Wolfgang Spahn
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    „Strange Attractors“ is about a generative system for sound and projections based on the analogue computer Confetti (developed by the artist) that calculates these Strange Attractors.

    „Strange Attractors” rises the question if climate can be predicted, described by Julia Slingo, and Tim Palmer in Uncertainty in weather and climate prediction.

    The title of the work refers to the mathematical term of the same name (David Ruelle / Floris Takens, 1971) borrowed from chaos theory which describes physical laws of chaotic behaviour in dynamic processes. Based on strange attractors it’s possible to for instance to mathematically describe turbulent currents of liquids or gases that cannot otherwise by analytically captured due to their complexity and level of randomness. In the installation two Lorenz Attractors are used to generate the sound as well as the visuals.

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